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avantgarde rock


Its not casual that Foxl, the band created by the composer and conductor Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss, presents elements of jazz, rock, electronic and contemporary music. The eclecticity of this band comes from the multiple influences of his musicians. Foxls instrumentation is very original: 3 electric guitars, analog and digital sintesizers, an electric bass and drums that build a powerfull soundwall. The beats, the sintetizers, the guitar-sound and all kind of effects generate a very special atmosphere. FOXLs music has polyrythmics, superposition of musical elements and and motives, polifonic structures and repetitive patterns that never are twice the same.

The band was created by Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss, an argentinian musicians ho has ben living in Germany since 2005. Lopez Klingenfuss is a conductor and composer and teaches at the Cologne conservatory. Its very common to se him today conducting ensembles of contemporary music, choirs of all kind, dance and theater productions and tomorrow beeing on satge playing the electric guitar. The eclecticity of Foxl´s compositions is the result of this musical experiencies.
Dirk Bell, oneother of the three guitar-players of the band spent many years in USA studing with Pat Martino and later coninued his career in Europe, playing on the biggest jazz festivals and stages. Something simlar happens with José Diaz de León also a guitarplayer. Born in Mexiko and grown up in Germany, José also lived and studied in India and Africa and is connected to he music of many diffeerent genres like jazz, latin, indish and african music. Christian Lorenzen, Foxls sintehtizer expert of all kind gives the band a very special sound. Its a pleasure to here and see him on stage. Stefan Berger, the bassplayer of the band can be seen today playing a Mahler Sinphony at the bass and tomorrow wildly playing on a jazz festival. Thomas Woerle, is not only the drummer of the band, he is also a composer and an soun ingenieur. All this special futures are boundled on this eclectic and very special band calles FOXL.

Guitars: Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss, Dirk Bell, José Díaz de León
Synthesizer: Christian Lorentzen
Bass: Stefan Berger
Drums: Thomas Wörle

Upcoming concerts

Sun, 15/09
Gelsenkirchen, New Colors Jazzfestival
Sat, 22/03
Dresden, Tonne
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