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Pangea Ultima


Role: Leader

The project’s name refers to the supercontinent, which will possibly arise in some million years: at that stage all of today's continents will melt into a single entity and all territorial borders will be overcome. If humanity should still exist in this distant future, this band’s music would be its soundtrack.
The music of this project uses jazz as a language to make the overcoming of cultural borders audible. Through a blend of original African grooves, Western harmony, Indian sound aesthetics and Latin American temperament, the band’s sound forms a universal world music. The bandleader expresses his own bicultural German-Mexican identity and converts authentic material which he has experienced and collected during his musical travels in Africa, India and Latin America. The band gathers the most outstanding instrumentalists of Cologne's jazz-scene.

José Díaz de León (Mexico/Germany) – Guitar
Daniel Manrique-Smith (Perú) – Flute
Roman Fuchß (Germany) – Bass
Antonio Fusco (Italy) – Drums
Christian Fehre (Germany) – Percussion


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Upcoming concerts

Sat, 05/10
Lüneburg, Vakuum
Mon, 07/10
Berlin, B Flat
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