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Django Latino

The trio of guitarists Sven Jungbeck and José Díaz de León with Colombian bassist Juan Camilo Villa sets new impulses in the field of Gipsyjazz. Not only the stylish virtuosity and technical finesse of furious guitar solos are characteristic of the trio's playing, but above all creativity, playfulness and imagination. Founded by Django Reinhardt, the style lives from swing but also from Latin American rhythms such as Bossanova and Bolero. The trio extends this area of style naturally and authentically and sets new standards. Classic swing, but also Cuban, Colombian, Afro-Peruvian and Mexican grooves serve as the basic ingredient for their refreshingly new-sounding arrangements. In the repertoire are classics by Django Reinhardt but also own compositions and even pieces by Latin legends such as Chucho Valdéz. An all-round successful fusion that impresses, vitalizes and combines worlds.

"A great CD that does what is urgently needed: to expand Gypsy Jazz, to combine it with other forms, just as Flamenco has been doing for a long time. That both forms, Gypsy Jazz and Flamenco, (my favourite styles for decades and probably for all time) have a lot in common, was confirmed by the stage design before the performance: Flamenco could also be played here. The energy is the same, the virtuosity too. A great concert, a great CD".

Kersten Knipp (Deutsche Welle / Deutschlandfunk)

José Díaz de León - Gitar
Sven Jungbeck - Gitar
Juan Camilo Villa - Doublebass

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