'; José Díaz de León
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avantgarde & mainstream

The quintett around Neapolitan jazz singer Simona de Rosa, German pianist Clemens Orth and German-Mexican guitarist José Díaz de León brings together with naturality what at first look seems too distant: Jazz played in European manner with a great touch of Italo-New Yorkean attitude. Having recently recorded in Germany original tunes, this quartett has no fear of crossing the lines between the genres. From elements of the popmusic over avantgardistic soundcollages to a latin rhythmfeel and polyrhythmics, the compositions of José Díaz de León set a bridge and leave open space to cross it.
For a well rooted and at the same time flexible fundament, Quetzalong engages the best drummers and bassplayers around the world. Simona de Rosa sings her own original lyrics in Neapolitan, Italian, English, Spanish and Chinese.
The name of the band is inspired by the mixture of two mythological figures: Mexicos Quetzalcóatl and Chinas dragon Long.

Simona de Rosa - vocals
José Díaz de León- guitar
Clemens Orth - piano & keys